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Free Consultation 

I'm happy to meet with you and your partner to see if it is a good fit for all parties.

Phone & Email Support 

My contact information will be shared with you so there can be contact anytime.

Three Prenatal Visits 

This is the opportunity to discuss what kind of birthing experience you would like and more.

Professional Information

Information on doctors, obstetricians, gynecologists

Back up Doula

In case of my illness, family illness or other emergency I will provide a back up doula during your labour.

During labour 


Baby’s first feeding Support 




Postpartum follow-up visit 


Postpartum services

Day or night shifts which include watching baby while Mom rests, takes a shower, etc.  Light tidying up of the house, keeping Mom company, etc.  Services are based on individual needs and costs are dependent on services requested.

Community Referrals

I have contacts for baby photographers, placenta encapsulation, lactation consultants, grief support counselors, and so many more



To assist the mother with nursing or other feeding questions.

To check in to make sure baby and mothers are doing well after coming home from the hospital

Can help you deal with the unexpected

Supports the birth you want

Might decrease the length of your labour

Offers emotional and physical support

Can be a huge support for Dad

Can help you have an unmedicated birth

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